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Welcome to Kilkea Castle

A stunning 12th Century Castle, Kilkea is one of the oldest inhabited castles in Ireland with history dating back to 1180. Located in  Castledermot, situated in the rich and lush countryside of Co. Kildare, Kilkea Castle is an hour's drive from Dublin. Once the medieval stronghold of the FitzGeralds, earls of Kildare and was built by Hugh de Lacy for one Strongbow's Norman Noblemen, Walter de Riddlesford. Today it stands proudly – an impressive sight a luxury Castle ready to extend a five star welcome to travellers from around the globe


Kilkea Castle enchants from the moment you drive down the beech lined avenue overlooking the Killeshin Hills and only minutes from the ancient Mullaghreelan Woods. It is set on 180 acres of its very own wonderful woodland and gardens. Kilkea Castle blends its historic past with contemporary elegance and boasts a range of luxury accommodation from 11 uniquely designed Castle guestrooms to a selection of 24 Carriage Rooms connected by a charming walkway to the old courtyard buildings. Kilkea Castle provides variety in its accommodation offering which appeals to all ages and all budgets. With 33 self catering lodges overlooking the challenging 18 Hole Golf Course you certainly can create your very own Castle experience.


Built over 4 floors, the magic of Kilkea Castle can be found in every nook and cranny and behind every door are experiences waiting to be discovered or shared with friends and family.


Enjoy the view of the Library walk whilst you are regaled with past secrets of how Ladies took their afternoon stroll to picnic on the lawns or simply enjoy our handcrafted Afternoon Tea in the beauty and serenity of the Drawing room.


In this chapter the building of Kilkea Castle will be examined from 1180 until present day. Kilkea Castle is an important landmark of Irish history situated in the small village of Kilkea, in county Kildare. The castle is situated in the parish of Kilkea, on Kilkea Demesne, and was in the barony of Kilkea and Moone, south Kildare. Kilkea village is known for its beautiful landscape and at the centre is Kilkea Castle. Kilkea Castle was erected in 1180 by Hugh de Lacy, the Earl of Ulster and the Chief Governor of Ireland, for Walter de Riddlesford, a Norman knight, who arrived during the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169. (REF 1) The land was once in the Barony of Kilkea and Moone which was owned by Richard de Clare, known commonly as Strongbow, who played a key role in the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland. The land was ‘granted by Strongbow to Walter de Riddlesford, Baron of Bray’.2 The exchange of the land is mentioned in an old French poem:


‘Twent fiefs in Ormurethy,

The noble earl (i.e Strongbow) in the same way,

Gave to the warrior

Walter de Riddlesford.

After a transformation that redefines luxury, we’re delighted to reveal our;
Golf Course, Clubhouse & Self Catering Lodge
Golf Course, Clubhouse & Self Catering Lodges. Castle available for private hire from 1.11.2017