Review: Kilkea Castle

A castle with near a millennium of history and a wealth of outdoor activities. 

This castle is old. Like, old. So old that an Anglo-Norman lord built it in 1180. Throughout the centuries that followed, many sirs, dukes, wizards, explorers, lords, and ladies passed through before it became a hotel in the early 1960s. Today, the stony estate is home to Kilkea Castle Estate & Golf Club. Situated in Castledermot (ha) on 180 acres of its own land, Kilkea overlooks Killeshin Hills, a few minutes from the ancient Mullaghreelan Woods. The resort has 140 rooms—guests can choose to stay in a castle, carriage, or lodge room. The decor is rich with plum, crushed velvet upholstered cushy armchairs, swirling floral wallpaper, and sunny yellow light fixtures. Kilkea is more than a gorgeous property, however. It also offers golf, tennis, equestrian activities, falconry, archery, off roading, whiskey and chocolate tasting, and fishing on the premises.